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Why is #riszpekt?

In bigger sports events and world tournaments, it is seen and heard more and more often that athletes promote diversity and mutual respect for each other.

What is #riszpekt?

#riszpekt.com is a tool of this initiative, through sport and non-formal education.

The main objective of our program is to involve youth and young adults in games and a different portfolio of fun and interesting group works.

These occasions provide perfect opportunity to approach a broad audience with socially important and sensitive topics.

Sports and arts provide community experience for our participants, with a special focus on inclusivity, tolerance and mutual understanding among citizens with different social and cultural backgrounds.

#riszpekt.com helps young people become socially and environmentally responsible and active citizens who respect their communities, their built and natural environment and people with social and other difficulties.

The majority of the youth between 8-18 spend their time mostly in the conventional education systems where they usually find the subjects boring and they turn their interest more and more on different mobile applications and online surfaces.  

Via the offline and online games of #riszpekt.com young people will encounter topics that are not mentioned or hardly applicable in the school. Learning is the best through playing, therefore the program applies the  tools the youth know and use in their free time on a daily basis.

For all these purposes Cromo Foundation organizes sport, art and community building activities in Hungary and in Europe via its international network, like Citizens Lab Network, Bosch Alumni Network, European Alternatives, Anna Lindh Foundation Network.


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